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Dr Bruce Copen - the founder of quantum medicine

Bruce Copen Laboratories was founded in 1947 in Brighton/Sussex, UK by Dr. Bruce Copen (1923 – 1998).
Dr. Bruce Copen, was a distinguished and respected scientist, Doctor of Philosophy and Literature, author of some 60 books on natural therapy, homeopathy, psychology and metaphysics. Among many other contributions to quantum medicine, Dr. Copen paved the way for understanding subtle fields and energies and developed methods that are now standard in bioresonance therapy, electronic homeopathy and virtual color therapy.

Innovative from the foundation until today


Following the work of Abram, Drown, and De La Warr, Dr. Copen began developing a radionic soil analyzer (Model Y) in the late 1940s, which was introduced to the public in 1947.


1966 to 1980

Further research and development led to the release of the computerized Mark II device in the late 1960s. In addition, Dr. Copen also developed the first color healing device during this time. This device was unique in that it contained stored frequency patterns of colors instead of colored light and transmitted them to the patient.

Dr. Copen’s continued research and advances in the field of information medicine and technology led to a whole series of other computerized devices in the years that followed.


1998 until today

After his death in 1998, his long-time German partner Dipl. Ing. Harald Rauer took over Bruce Copen Laboratories (UK and Germany). Under his leadership, the early analog instrument models were re-engineered with new digital technology, resulting in a modern advanced generation of instruments.

Today Bruce Copen Laboratories produces innovative systems that are 100% designed and manufactured in Germany. Based on the work of experimental physicist Nikola Tesla and German physicist Prof. Konstantin Meyl, further development of the systems using state-of-the-art proprietary bio-cybernetic technology continues.


Dr. Copen introduces his soil analysis instrument - the Model Y.


Dr. Copen developed the "Electronic-" or "New Homoeopathy" with his "Electronic Vibro Potentiser". For the first time it was possible to copy or simulate the information content of homeopathic remedies with technical devices.


Dr. Copen builds the world's first color therapy device (Coloronic Instrument) without light. It generated the information of the respective color via numerical codes (rates). By means of corresponding rates, it was possible to generate 360 different colors and their corresponding shades on a specially modified device and transfer them to the patient by hand electrodes.


Dr. Copen presents his MK2 "computer", which was still produced in a slightly modified form as a standard device for beginners until about 2010.


The first Copen portable color therapy lamps for use in the office and at home are on the market.


With the ASL (Automatic Selector) Potentiser, it was possible for the first time to find the right remedy in the right potency for the patient fully automatically from a pool of over 2600 stored homeopathics.


Based on Georges Lakhovsky's "Multiple Wave Oscillator" (MWO), Dr. Copen developed an MWO based on the rate system of his other devices, providing a bigger range of treatment possibilities than the original.


The MK7 and especially the MK12 continue the great success of the MK2.


Dr. Copen develops the EECS (Electronic Encoded Card System). It enables the storage of radionic information on magnetic cards.


With the ASLD90, the user could program the memory locations of the ASL potentiser himself. This was the first possibility worldwide to store the information of homeopathic remedies in a device.


The ASLD95 offered memory locations on board for 9999 single and 999 complex averages that you could program yourself.


Development of the Copen 98 software begins, which controls the MK series instruments and the MARS III.


The computer-aided MARS III system is launched. With the integrated VIBA (Virtual Interactive Biofield Analyser) it is possible to have fully automated analyses. The MARS III is the first system that does not require a noise diode. The results can be displayed on the PC and printed out.


Color Tuning, as the world's first computer-based virtual color and tone therapy module, is presented as an Add-On to the MARS III software.


The HomeoExpert software for digital homeopathy on Android tablets and Pocket PCs is launched. (www.la-digue.de)


Launch of the SuperTuning System - a color and tone therapy system based on planetary tones with computer controlled LED color lamp.


The RemedyMaster digital homeopathy system for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is presented.


Development on behalf of a customer - color light and music therapy device (active sleep pillow) to improve sleep based on our QuantumResponse® technology (from left: MD H. Rauer, Med. Dir. S. Goldmann, Project Manager S. Yuan)


Opening of the Bruce Copen office in Beijing with our Managing Director Ju Ya (from left: MD China Ju Ya, MD H. Rauer, Med. Dir. S. Goldmann)


Development on behalf of a customer - test cabin based on our QuantumResponse® technology


Development on behalf of a customer - implementation of a water massage bed in the Copen SuperTuning System


Development on behalf of a customer - self-test system based on our QuantumResponse® technology

Our technology

All our present technical achievements and knowledge are not sufficient to explain how a biological system and biology in general manage their energetic tasks. We have not yet understood biological information technology either; it obviously simply works differently than classical physics teaches us.

Our technology is based on the premise that nature exists not only on a material level, but also on an energetic one. Furthermore, we presuppose the existence of “control fields” that direct the biochemical and energetic processes in organisms, for example, on an informational level.

Using quantum effects, Bruce Copen Laboratories’ devices scan these control fields of a biological system (person, animal, substance, etc.) and, through the resonance phenomenon, determine where there are imbalances in the energy system of the biological system in question. In doing so, the device provides over 60,000 parameters for direct adjustment. The required analyzed frequency reference patterns can then be fed back into the energy field of the biological system as an isophatic stimulus.

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