Service Center

When you buy a Copen system, we offer you various options to help you get the most out of your system. We place special emphasis on fast, personal and reliable service & support.

In focus

Here you will find links and literature recommendations, presentations and free webinars about QuantumResponse® technology and our Copen systems.� In addition, you can download brochures and information material about our products.

Customer service

If you have any questions about your Copen System or are more specifically interested in purchasing a Copen System, please feel free to contact our customer service directly.

The all-round service for your satisfaction

As a registered customer, you will find extensive data material on our systems in the password-protected customer portal – centrally collected, easy to find and always up to date. This includes product images, videos, articles, data sheets, working diagrams, application observations, studies, instructions for use and expert tips.

In addition, you can access our support ticket system and our licensing tool directly there.

In focus

Here you will find exciting insights into the world of Quantum Response® technology, further information, current trends and news.

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